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Our Filtration Technology

Donaldson Filtration products are ideally suited to Africa’s challenging environments. Whether it’s transport on the growing network of highways that link the continent’s important centres, agriculture and mining in our varied climatic zones, industrial air quality in the manufacturing sector, or specialised filtration media for cutting-edge industrial applications, Donaldson excellence makes a difference.

Our continent requires filtration solutions which will enhance working environments on one hand and extend the operating life of vehicles, machinery and equipment on the other. As Africa is increasingly discovering, the comprehensive Donaldson filtration range addresses all of these concerns with products and technology which are at the leading edge of the filtration industry worldwide.

As you visit our site you will discover not only our product ranges, but a wealth of product support and research information drawn from Donaldson sources internationally.


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Donaldson Filtration is a global filter manufacturer with quality filters for a very wide range of applications.  These include fuel and oil filtration, mobile hydraulic filtration and engine and vehicle air intake filtration.  Further fields include filters for industrial air in factories and plants; filters and dryers for compressed air systems; process filtration; filter systems for gas turbines; industrial hydraulic and bulk liquid filtration; replacement filters for both ours and other systems; and specialised filter media membranes including advanced nanofibres technology.

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